Dress them up & dress them down. Your favorite joggers 2 ways.

One thing that is so important to me and something I always consider when getting dressed is comfort. I'm one of those girls who will not wear heels that kill my feet, can't stand a pair of jeans with a button that digs into your stomach and am one of those girls who's sweatpants are on within seconds of walking into her door..... 

Most day's you'll find me in (comfortable) jeans but one thing that I praise and have started to incorporate into my outfits more and more is the jogger (bow down)! Whoever decided to make a tailored sweat pant in silk is definitely one of my heroes.

One of the things that sold me on the jogger is the versatility. They're so easy to take from day to night in only a few simple steps. THIS specific pair of joggers I found a few weeks back. I was actually shopping with my Mom and she was searching for trousers. The sales woman brought in a few more options and this was one of them. It was love at first site and (depending on who you ask) I may be wearing them more than one should wear any one piece of clothing... not sorry!

For daytime, I paired THESE joggers with a black bodysuit, black leather jacket and white sneakers. To take your favorite joggers from day to night it only takes a couple simple steps!

 First, swap out your sneakers for a pair of classic heels! Next, nix your jacket for a super sleek, simpler look and third and finally, pull your hair back into a chic low pony! WA-LA! You have gone from downtown, daytime cool to uptown, night out chic in 3 simple steps!

xx Ali

Photos by: Julie Kennedy Photography

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