Bell Sleeved, Baby.

Getting dressed in the morning shouldn't be difficult... But for some reason, every morning, it is. I wanted to come up with a way to combat that difficulty and make mornings less stressful with out compromising a cute outfit. When I found THIS bell sleeved sweater, the answer hit me! We don't need to put together a complex, layered multidimensional outfit every single day. All we need is simple pieces with a fun detail!

I've been loving bell sleeves, ruffles and velvet accents for an easy way to make a simple outfit more multidimensional. By adding simple pieces with fun details to your wardrobe getting dressed in the morning can be as easy as jeans, sweater, shoes!  The extra detail of the bell sleeve, or the velvet adds the extra kick a simple outfit needs to make it simple yet still chic and not at all boring! Did I mention that THIS sweater is only $25 and THESE velvet heels only $35!?

Photos by: Oren A Photo

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