My Picks Of The Shopbop Spring Sale!

The change of seasons is always so exciting! I get so giddy every year when Spring merch starts flowing in because it means the end of Winter is near! My favorite way to look at what's new? That's easy... Shopbop!

Quick side note! I have a long history with Shopbop, so not only do they have one of the best online designer selections, but they have a special place in my heart (laughing at myself saying that an online retailer has a special place in my heart... but it's true). Shopbop started as a single retail store, BOP in my hometown. It's where I bought my first pair of designer jeans and it's where I held my first retail job while I was still in High School. Sadly, the retail store closed about two years ago but that not where our history ends. Since I graduated college, I've been working as a Freelance Photographer at Shopbop. (did you know I'm a photographer?!) More about that another time but back to the sale!

 Shopbop gets in tons of new items every day. What's even better than that? Their Big Events! Every season, Shopbop holds a Big Event sale. It's pretty much a buy more save more event where you can get discounts on brand new merchandise that you won't be able to find on sale anywhere else!  Guess what!? It's happening NOW! Shop my picks of the sale above and use the code: BIGEVENT16 to apply your discount! (sale ends March 5)

Happy shopping!

xx Ali