My favorite salad EVER.

(image via Oh She Glows)

I've talked about it here and there, but cooking (and eating) is one of my favorite things to do. I can't say no to pasta or pizza... or cookies (insert embarrassed yet proud emoji here) . But, I generally eat really healthy. Avocados are one of my favorite foods and I love pretty much every other fruit and vegetable as well. If they would fill me up, I'd eat a salad for just about every meal. But, usually, they don't. So in turn, I don't. But, there is one salad I have completely fallen in love with that definitely breaks this rule. This recipe is probably my favorite recipe ever. It's as healthy as it gets, it's filling and the best part? It tastes amazing!

I found my inspiration for this recipe a while back on one of my favorite food blogs, Oh She Glows. Side note: if you like eating healthy you need this site on your radar... bookmark it now. Anyways, over time I have adapted this recipe to make it a little easier and a little faster to create. This recipe is great because it's super easy to swap out any ingredients you don't love for ones you do or just add in whatever sounds good! The kind of bowl I make usually depends on what's in my fridge that day!

Ingredients: spinach, (red or white) quinoa, red cabbage, cucumber, yellow pepper, sweet potato, carrots, garbanzo beans, hummus, avocado. Optional additions: tomato, zucchini, beets, falafel, chicken shrimp or anything else that sounds good!

Directions: First, start the quinoa (I use my rice cooker).  Next, put your sweet potato in the microwave (6-8 minutes depending on size). Then, start chopping! Chop the red cabbage, cucumber should be diced, yellow pepper sliced thin, carrots shredded or diced (I buy the pre shredded carrots), half your avocado and cut thin slices. Now, use spinach as the base of your bowl and surround the outside edges of the bowl with sections of your chosen ingredients. Put a nice sized dollop of hummus on top, (take a photo) mix and enjoy! Note: amount of each ingredient used depends on how many people you are making this for. I also always make too much because it's a great thing to have ready to go in the fridge and sits well for about 4 days.