The Perfect Accessory

Cheesily, I always thought it was cute when a couple matched their outfits a little bit. To my dismay, Oren completely disagrees. There are so many days when we end up dressed in the same outfit (dark jeans, black tee shirt and sneakers. In the fall, we both end up in green bombers too-whoops! and he insists one of us has to change). I always try to convince him that it's cute... But, let's be honest, he's probably right. Still, a part of me can't completely agree. That's part of why I was giddy when we both fell in love with the same Daniel Wellington watch. 

A classic, versatile accessory that can easily be dressed up or down is hard to come by. Daniel Wellington has this look on lockdown. Their timepieces are simple, classic and elegant making them the perfect accessory for anyone (yes, boys... you too). 

Oren and I are both wearing the Classic York Watch in rose gold (I'm wearing the women's version, Oren is in the mens which has a bigger face) and every day, casual looks. I am wearing a cropped Levi with white sneakers, and an old camo jacket that I totally revamped- adding pearls, cutting off the collar and making it cropped! Oren is in his go-to dark jean and navy jacket with brown clarks. We have also both been wearing our watches for dressier events. Oren wore his recently to our friends rehearsal dinner and I've been wearing mine to lots of events. It's the perfect accessory for both of us. Plus! It keeps us on time! Love killing two birds with one stone!

This watch is the perfect, sophisticated accessory for Fall (any season, really) and for any guy or gal. Use the code: ALIALISTONE for 15% off your order from Daniel Wellington! Now, we all can be cute and matching (insert thumbs up emoji here)!!! 

Photos by: Julie Kennedy Photography

Use the code: ALIALISTONE for 15% off your order from Daniel Wellington!

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