Day Off Dressing

On my days off, I'm always running around trying to check off everything on my to-do list (as I'm sure, you are too)! I go from home to the grocery store, to Target, to UPS, to the dry cleaner, you name it, I'm there. Let's face it- we have to get as much done on our days off as we can! Every day, especially my days off I also try to make it to the gym. I feel better and have more energy when I work out on a regular basis. That's why on days off you will almost always find me in a transitional outfit ready for errands and the gym. "Athleisure", they call it!

You guys know me, I'm always always in the black to white spectrum and that doesn't change on my days off! My day off/workout/transitional gear is also, mostly black, white and grey. I love wearing a fun graphic top to my workouts, it keeps things more fun! I'm obsessed with THIS tank from The Salty Ones it's hysterical and it couldn't ring more true for me! Obi really is the closest thing I have to a therapist! He makes every day better and I always talk to him about troubles I'm having (call me crazy, but I know all you dog owners know exactly what I'm talking about) ;)! All the shirts from The Salty Ones are so funny, you probably need one in your life. Scroll down for a code for 20% off!

To keep me on task and on time for my workout on my days off I always wear a watch. THIS one from Christian Paul is killer! I love the thick black strap and large face, it's just the right amount of edgy . Plus! The rose gold details give it the perfect feminine touch. During my workouts I refuse to take my phone because it's distracting. So, I always leave it in a locker. BUT! Sometimes I just need to know how much of my workout is left when I need a little extra motivation. This watch is perfect for any day, and especially my days off to wear from errands to the gym all whilst staying fashionable and edgy. All of the Christian Paul watches are amazing. The neutral watch with a marble face and rose gold detailing is my other favorite!

Throw a leather jacket over your workout gear and add a great bag... It's the perfect mix for your day off, transitional outfit! 

Photos by: Julie Kennedy Photography

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