Overalls Two Ways

One of my current favorite trends is overalls! I think they're so cute and they kind of make me feel like I'm 12 again... not a complaint... I've been searching for about a year for a pair that fits really well, is versatile and that doesn't cost $300+. I've tried on about a dozen pairs and didn't like any... until now! I found THIS pair of Cheap Monday's on ASOSI liked that they were simple and fitted (one of my fears of wearing overalls was looking like a farmer) and ASOS was running a sale so I ordered them! They fit like a glove, have the perfect amount of stretch and I love how tailored the ankle is. One of my requirements when I buy a piece (90% of the time) is that I can wear it in more than one way. So! I challenged myself to create a casual look and a dressy look based off THIS pair of overalls. 


For my casual look, I went with a plain black t-shirtmy fave white sneakersTHIS super fun faux embroidered and studded moto, and my obsession of a wide brimmed hat from Alice and Wonder (to be restocked soon)!!! It's such a fun look for every day, a casual event or dinner!


This look was a bit tougher for me to figure out... I thought to myself, how can I dress up OVERALLS? Not just that... but how can I possibly make overalls chic and sexy, I mean, they're overalls!!! Obviously... I ended up in all black. That takes care of the chic part!... I decided to go with an off the shoulder shirt as a base layer under the overalls. That way, I could show a little skin to cover the sexy part. To dress up the overalls, I pulled back my hair, went with a simple pair of pumpsa red lip and THIS diamond choker (which I'm obsessed with) from my line, Just The 2 Of Us. 

I was so happy with how the looks turned out that I've worn the overalls both ways twice already!!

xx Ali

Photos by: Julie Kennedy Photography

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