Getting Beauty Ready For New York Fashion Week

When I decided (4 days ago) to go to NYFW this weekend... It was pedal to the metal. So much to do, so little time. Book flights, book a hotel, secure my schedule, choose outfits.. pack them AND get beauty ready. There are 3 amazing beauty services I always look to but especially when I have a special event or vacation coming up. After these services I feel great and it makes getting ready every day so much easier which (at least for me) is a huge plus. These are the 3 services that I use to get beauty ready. To read my tips on how to keep your skin glowing (definitely a must, click HERE).

1. Hydrate that hair with the 24 Karat Hair Treatment at George The Salon

This treatment is key to keep your hair hydrated, healthy and beautiful (especially in Winter). First, they spray in a Kerastase treatment tailored to your hair. They used moisture and shine on me, but there is also body and strength option. They then use what's called Fuziodose which is an elixir that absorbs right into your your hair keeping it moisturized while ridding your hair of static. It's perfect for Winter.  Lastly, they apply a hydrating mask to your hair for the final touch. Ever since my hair has felt softer, looked shinier and been less static. To keep your hair looking fresh you can do this every few months and more frequently in Winter months. George The Salon also sells the treatment mask which you can do at home. It will last you SO long and it's a great way to make this more of a DIY at home beauty treatment.

2. Groom Those Brows at Arch Apothecary

I always feel my cutest when my brows look good (call me weird, but it's true). Arch Apothecary is the place to go to get your brows looking bangin. I get my eyebrows waxed and tinted so they're more full than normal. They never over wax and always make the shape perfect. Katie at the Madison location generally does mine but I trust all the estheticians and have used many of them in both Chicago and Madison over the years! The tinting lasts up to 6 weeks and the difference it makes is amazing. Lucky for you girls, there is an Arch is an Arch in Chicago, Madison and Rockford! 

3. Pump Up Those Lashes at Amazing Lash Studio

When Amazing Lash Studio asked me to come in, eyelash extensions were something I'd never thought about because I was blessed (thanks mom) with long lashes. But after trying it, I'm hooked. I requested a natural set and my lashes have never looked so full. It feels amazing to go without mascara too! For your first visit they offer a full set for $79! If you want to feel super cute and make your morning makeup routine one step shorter, this is the way to go!