Getting Summer Ready


YOU GUYS! It finally feels like Summer could actually happen! How amazing have these last few days been!? Now that the weather is shaping up it's time that we do the same. I mean, Summer is just around the corner, right!? These are a few simple ways to help get yourself feeling and looking great for all of our favorite seasons... SUMMERTIME!

Give your skin a good refresh.

You should of course always take good care of your skin but with Summer quickly approaching, it's time to give your skin the refresh it needs after a long winter. I recently tried the new Time Lapse Facial at George the salon in Chicago and it was the exact refresh I was looking for. With the use of techniques like dermaplaning and light therapy, this facial left my skin feeling the smoothest it has ever felt. Three weeks later, my skin is still feeling awesome.


Add some summer wardrobe staples.

I'm not saying you need to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe... We all know that's not realistic. I'm saying get ready for summer by choosing a few favorite trends you've been seeing and jump on board. Three of my favorite summer trends are overalls, silk neckties, and shirts with a bold sleeve. Here, I decided to combine all three for an outfit that I can't wait to wear all summer long. You can shop it at the bottom of this post!

Work it out!

Yeah yeah yeah… I know what you're thinking. Another person telling me to get to the gym. Well, not exactly. Being active is such a great way to get ready for summer. I understand if intense daily workouts aren't your thing and they don't have to be. I'm talking more like, get outside in the nice weather. Go for a walk with your friend, take a run with your dog or even just leave a few minutes earlier so you can walk to work. Being active, even lightly so, is sure to make you feel better and is the perfect way to get ready for summer.


Start planning!

There are so many unbelievable free things to do in Chicago (and I'm sure in your city too) in the summertime. Sometimes, I don't know about them until after they happen. So this year I am planning. I'm looking up schedules for music and movies in the park, Flea market's, pop-up shops and everything I can think of and putting it on my calendar, now! A great way to get ready for Summer is to plan some fun things to do so you don't let fun events pass you by.


xx Ali

Photos by: Ashley of Sed Bona

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