Finally Feeling Like Spring & Mother's Day is Right Around The Corner


Us Midwesterners have gotten pretty beat up by the weather these last few weeks! Example, last weekend was in the high 30's with heavy rain and wind in Chicago (GROSS)! But things are looking up and it's looking like mother nature is going to pull through (sunny and 60's in the forecast from Monday on out!!!) just in time for us to celebrate the most amazing of women, our Mothers! Plus! Who isn't ready to wear Spring clothing!? (THIS DRESS is only $28!!!) Finding the right thing for Mother's day is always tough for me because well, my mom deserves the world... and if I could I would buy her a private island with a chef and personal trainer and don't forget the jet to get there and the yacht to cruise on... But let's be real... That ain't happening (sorry Mom, maybe I'll buy a powerball ticket this week).

Honestly, though, it's the thought that counts. So, I've pulled together a few ideas for all of your wonderful mommas this Mother's Day. Nothing too fancy or too pricey, just a couple ideas that are sure to put a smile on your sweet mamas face. p.s. incase you're thinking to yourself, when is Mother's Day anyways? It's May 14 :) so you've got 10 days to get it together, gals! Scroll down to read about and find direct links to a few of my top picks this Mother's Day.


1. Flowers

Flowers are never a bad idea. Who doesn't love some gorgeous blooms brightening up their day!? Recently I've been loving, The Bouqs Co (the tulips in the photos are from them)! Their flowers are cut the day you order from one of their farm partners. All of the farms they work with are sustainable and eco-friendly and they cut only what they sell so they don't waste those gorgeous blooms! Their bouquets are affordable and stunning too! You can use code: XOALISTONE for 20% off your order from Bouqs!

2. A Framed Photo


What Mom isn't sentimental? One of my favorite things to gift my Mom is a beautifully framed photograph. A photo of you and your mom, you and your siblings, your whole family, your adorable pets, or even a landscape from a family vacation your Mom is sure to love this gift.  Framebridge is definitely my favorite place to get photos or keepsakes framed. It's the simplest way to do custom framing. The best part? It's much more affordable than other custom framing options, they have tons of gorgeous frames to choose from and they do an impeccable job.


3. Cookbook & Cook

Growing up in a Jewish home, many nights (and days) revolved around cooking. I don't think it's much different than other religions or cultures in that aspect. We all love food, right?! One of my favorite ways to spend time with my mom is in the kitchen. A perfect Mother's day gift is a great cookbook or cute kitchen accessory and an afternoon or evening spent cooking with your mom!

4. A Great Card

No matter what you decide to get your mom, or even if this is the only thing... A great card is key. I promise, I heartfelt card is the best gift you can give. We don't tell our Moms how amazing they are often enough, so this is the perfect opportunity to share your appreciation.


xx Ali

Photos by: Ashley of Sed Bona

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