A Twist On My Current Favorite Trend + Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dog

french bulldog girl in topshop denim dress

You all know my serious love/obsession for overalls… So, you can imagine how excited I was when I found THIS overall style denim dress at Topshop. So chic, so easy and so versatile! I couldn’t wait to wear it! Soon after I got it, I wore it to a friend's house for a little get together. I paired it with my favorite simple red low heel by Steve Madden. To my surprise, I got some interesting comments… Things like, “what are you wearing?” and “is that overalls or a dress, I don’t get it” along with lots of weird looks. I was kind of bummed because I absolutely adore this dress! It’s perfect for any occasion and I can’t wait to layer a turtleneck underneath and swap out my go to red summer sandals for OTK boots to wear it for Fall. But, needless to say, I kept thinking about people’s comments and they bothered me a little. I got home and as we dog owners do, I had a discussion with Obi. I asked him what he thought of my dress and what he thought of the comments. As he was telling me his thoughts (just kidding, he obviously doesn’t talk)… But as I sat there with my little pup who loves me unconditionally (and loves everything I wear ;) ) I got to thinking. There’s really only one opinion that matters and that is my own. I love the dress so why did I care what other people thought!? 

girl french bulldog walking denim dress
blonde girl denim dress ray ban sunglasses smile red lipstick
girl walking smiling denim dress french bulldog

My thought process continued and had me thinking that everyone can learn so much from dogs. Like, to be kind, even if they hate your outfit (I know that sounds cheesy, but seriously!) There’s so much we can learn from our furry friends. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to write a little bit about things I’ve learned from my dog. Because I’ve never felt more love than from that chubby little flat faced 28 pound cutie. He has taught me so much, like:  

1. Give everyone a chance. A dog doesn’t judge.

2. Let the simple things in life make you happy. One of the best lessons you can learn from your dog. Let things like taking time for a long walk or a good nap be enough of a reason to smile, they’re good enough reasons for our pups.

3. Always greet the ones you love with excitement. A dog will never pass up that opportunity and it doesn't matter if you've been gone 5 minutes or  5 days. If you’ve ever been greeted by a dog, you know how much sheer happiness it brings. Why shouldn’t we always greet our loved ones the same joyful excitement? Maybe just don’t lick them…

4. Live in the moment. A dog lets go of the past and doesn’t know about the future. It's a good lesson to always live in the moment and cherish the time we have right now since the future is not promised to any of us!

We all have something to learn from our sweet pups. What lessons have you learned from your furry friends!?


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A big thank you to Stylinity, Steve Madden and Topshop for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.