8 Easy Ways to Instill Confidence in Yourself Daily

Ways to Instill Confidence with Skin Care

I love fall because I love the changing of seasons, the change of the leaves and of course, the fall fashion!  Along with the cooler weather, I’d like to think the change starts a new season for me as well, and this season I’m focusing on self love and confidence!  When you exude confidence, all areas of your life can excel, and that’s a beautiful thing! I wanted to share 8 different easy ways to instill confidence in yourself! They work for me and hope they will work for you too!

Keep Skin Hydrated

The best way for me to feel confident is to keep my skin clear and hydrated!  Especially with the change of seasons it’s important to focus on skin hydration. The Olay mists have been an aid in my skin confidence battle!  I’ve been using the Olay Mists multiple times daily. They hydrate, brighten and tighten my skin!  I love to spritz my face in the evening after I put on my moisturizer to lock it in, as well after I do my makeup for that dewy look! If my purse is big enough, I’ll even carry it all day and spray it when I need a little refresher!  It’s available at Target, and comes in both a calming and energizing formula - ideal for different parts of your day!  Both are rich in antioxidants and formulated with skin-loving niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and glycerin (trust me, this is the good stuff)! They’ve really helped my skin to feel hydrated during the changing seasons and look dewy and glowing!

Confidence with Skin Care Olay Mist

Take Time for You 

I also think it’s so important to take time for the little things you enjoy and do more of what makes you truly happy! I talked about this in last weeks blog post too. This can be as simple as taking your dog on an extra walk around the block to take in the fresh air or mediate for 5 minutes! A couple other of my favorite ways are to take an uninterrupted 45min-1hour phone-less and disconnected to watch an episode of your favorite show, get my nails done or cook a yummy dinner for myself!  Give yourself the gift of a little break from life; you deserve it babe!

Spend Quality Time

If you know me, you know spending quality time with the people you love is crucial to a happy life!  Surrounding yourself with love is a form of self love, and that gives me major confidence!  No matter how busy life gets, I try and make time for tribe!


Whenever I want to feel more confident (as many of you know), I try and make it to my favorite workout!  Sweating not only makes me feel better on the inside and out, but gives me that awesome post-workout glow!  It’s like a free facial! 

Live Life for You

This next one is so important: live your life for you.  Though it can be difficult at times, do your best not to care about what others think.  Everyone is unique and has their own story, so it makes no sense to compare your situation to anyone else’s!  Be confident in how awesome you are (because you are awesome!)

Pamper yourself cozy clothes and Olay Mist

Set Goals

Another amazing way to instill confidence is to set goals!  Break them down into small steps and celebrate each step you take!  A goal doesn’t have to be “big” - even if it’s waking up 5 minutes early to meditate, small changes can equate to big payoff!  

Think Long Term

I believe that decisions made for short term comfort is the foundation of unhappiness.  Sometimes it may be easy to pick the option right in front of you, but it may not always be the best option.  Be patient and confident in your decisions!

Be Kind to You

Finally, the best way to be confident is to be kind to yourself!  This world is hard, so we should be easy on ourselves.  We are all trying the best we can, so be confident in your skin, confident in your decisions, and confident that you are exactly where you should be in this life! Again, there’s no point in playing the comparison game. We’re all different and will be at different stages at the time that is right for each one of us. So keep doing you and be kind to yourself, whatever stage you’re at because you’re doing great!

xx Ali

A big thank you to Olay for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.