5 Coats and Boots to Keep You Cute and Cozy this Winter


Let’s be real… Winter in the Midwest is ROUGH. What I’ve learned is that you have no option but to dress accordingly! This surely doesn’t mean you can’t look cute and cozy when it’s freezing! After 27 years of living through these frigid Winters I’ve done my fair share of research… and per your request… THESE are the 5 BEST, CUTEST & WARMEST coats and boots out there! Happy shopping and stay warm!


  1. The Coziest Faux Fur Coat

    One of my favorite Winter staples is a warm faux fur coat and I finally found the perfect one! This Sezane coat feels super luxe and is warm enough for the coldest of Winter days.

  2. The Most Stylish Down Coat
    If you are ready to splurge for a down coat that will last you forever, Moncler makes THE most beautiful, stylish, and warm options for Winter time.

  3. The Cutest Puffer

    I love the idea of a cozy puffer for Winter! The velvet on this one makes it feel even cozier and the price point is great too!

  4. The Warmest Coat on the Market

    By far the warmest coat on the market! Yes, they are pricey but make the investment once and it will last you forever. If you live in the Midwest, this is a purchase you’ll never regret!

  5. The Prettiest Plaid Coat

Every wardrobe needs a dress coat for Winter. I love this wool plaid option from Sezane! It’s warm, stylish, and versatile.


  1. Fur Boots

    Took me years to find a Winter boot that was super warm and I loved the look of. Last year I bought these from Marc Fisher and they have not let me down!

  2. Lace up Boots

    Just as warm as the classic Uggs but cuter! These will keep your feet roasty toasty all Winter!

  3. Ankle Booties

    This is a pair I’m personally dying to own! I have tried them on and they are so warm and comfortable. And come on!!! They are just SO CUTE!

  4. Over the Knee Boots

    I was pleasantly surprised with how warm these have kept me since I purchased them 2 years ago. It is a great option for a dressier shoe in the Winter time. My trick is, pants first, knee high socks second, and boots third!

  5. Hunter Boots

    Necessary for the nasty slush of Chicago!! Layered with a thick sock, these boots keep your feet dry, warm, and clean!