5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day To Cheer Up Your Mood

flower field

You know that they say... April showers bring May Flowers! But it seems that when it rains it pours. Often times our mood falls down with the rain as well. That being said! We have to keep our mindset as if we were flocking in a field of yellow flowers every day! I'm over feeling down and tired on dark rainy days so it's time to pick myself up! Here are a few things to do on those rainy days to turn that frown upside down! 

1.  At home workout: When it rains we often just resort to sitting down on the couch for the whole day... or at least I do! As amazing as that sounds, I feel like a big blob after not moving around like I do on my normal daily routine. By turning on a youtube workout video or even just following a picture depicting a quick circuit workout, can make you feel so much better and energized throughout the gloomy day. I love the free Tone It Up workouts!

2. Pamper Pamper Pamper: Go put on your favorite facemask, draw yourself a bubble bath, and paint your nails. Primping can make put yourself in a happy mood immediately. Plus, you are all set and ready to take on the next day!

3. Curl up with a oversize blanket and your favorite hot beverage: Going cliche and curling up with a nice book or even chick-flick can skyrocket your mood. Sipping on tea, coffee, or in my case a chai tea can fuel some nice R&R.

4. Order in: Treat yourself! I know a grubhub order from my favorite thai place always lifts my mood! So put your faith in your delivery man and eat your favorite meal in pjs!

5. Try a new recipe: On the contrary, cooking can also be so fun and help lift your rainy day spirits! Open your pantry cabinets and scroll through Pinterest until you find something you can whip up. Don't be afraid to switch and substitute some ingredients. Be creative and experiment! The worst that happens is that you revert to option #4!

No more rainy day blues for us!

xx Ali

Photos by: John Thompson of The Risky Jackal