Skincare Update! All The Treatments I Have Been Using to Improve my Skin

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If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been going to Leah at Leah Chavie Skincare for a few months now. (You can read a bit about why I started with regular treatments HERE). I was having major skin issues and breaking out worse than I had even as a teenager. Leah has been doing a handful of treatments for me every 2-3 weeks since January and the differences I have seen are unbelievable. I am completely thrilled with the result. For about 6 months, I hadn't gone a day without a breakout on my face. It's the most annoying feeling. The breakouts were causing me to be extremely self conscious and nothing I was doing before Leah seemed to help.

Since starting these treatments, my skin has cleared, evened and felt smoother than ever. I even go in public and record instagram stories without makeup now and if you know me, you know that's a HUGE deal. Not only have these treatments helped my physically but I feel like I have gotten my confidence back and I'm no longer feeling majorly self conscious. These are all of the treatments I have been doing and a bit about each one.

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 Derma planing: Dermaplaning is a heavy exfoliation treatment. It removes dead skin cells and bonus: all vellus hair, aka peach fuzz. Dermaplaning leaves your skin brighter, smoother and ready to absorb your skincare products! A small sterile blade is used for the treatment and it's completely painless! It feels like a weightless edge gently sweeping across your face.

Intensive Pulse Light: IPL for short. This treatment is a series of pulsed intense light on the skin. It doensn't feel good but the benefits are 100% worth it. Plus, it goes by super fast. Like 15-30 seconds each treatment! The intensive pulse light treatment targets facial rejuvenation, improving skin laxity and collagen production. It helps to even out skin tone, remove rosacea, redness and any other impurities. 

Titan: Using infrared lighting, Titan heats up tissue in the deep dermis. It feels like tons of teeny tiny pinches but is also a very quick treatment. Your skin has three layers to it. The dermis layer is the middle layer. By targeting this layer with the infrared light it can help tighten up loose skin. Not only does it tighten your skin dramatically but also helps to kill deeper bacteria to help avoid future breakouts. 

Laser Genesis: Stimulating new collagen, laser genesis is proven to smooth out lines and wrinkles. This treatment actually feels good! All it feels like is heat and makes you nice and warm. 

Micro Needling: Creating microscopic punctures in your face, micro needling helps the skin look plump while reducing in unneeded inflammation. It sounds a little scary but it's really not! It's quick and you barely feel it! Leah does light micro needling treatments on me and I'm only red for an hour or two afterwards. 

Oxygen: The use of an oxygen facial is made to "wound heal". Whether it is an actual wound or just acne scars, by having a high pressure of oxygen blowing on the face results in stimulated stem cell growth and a radiant glow! Many of these treatments trick your body into thinking it's wounded. This forces your body to repair itself and starts helping to repair previous damage. Oxygen helps speed up the healing process.

Do you have any skincare questions!? Feel free to send them my way and Leah and I can answer them!

xx Ali

Photo by: Ashley of Sed Bona