Styling Tips For Fine Hair (Becky With The Fine Hair)

fine hair

Hi my fine haired friends! These last few months I’ve been trying tons of different tricks and tips (many courtesy of my awesome hair stylist, David Garcia at Mario Triccoci) to get the most out of my very fine hair! I also recently took the plunge and bought a pair of fill ins to give my hair more volume! I linked the ones I bought below and am also wearing them in the photo above! Here are my tips and tricks for styling that I’ve been using to get the most out of my fine hair!

  • Of course, hair health is of the utmost importance, so frequent trims every 4-6 weeks for short hair, 6-8 weeks for mid length, 10-12 weeks for long hair as a rule of thumb.

  • Add the Rejuvenate treatment to your haircut! It’s a quick, inexpensive treatment that makes strands healthier instantly! Mario Triccoci has it!

  • For your next haircut, ask your stylist for a slight undercut with a blunt edge. Layers make already fine hair look even thinner, so when your hair is all the same length, it gives the illusion of more volume!

  • Extensions are always a good option! They aren’t just for length, but are just as helpful when it comes to volume!  THESE are the fill ins I bought. My color is Butterscotch! You can get color swatches just for $5! I would highly recommend doing that to get a perfect color match!

  • Use a volumizing spray before blow drying. Focus on the top of the head, the bang area, and spray a slight mist from the middle of your strands to the ends. If air drying, spray in, flip head upside down and finger comb through to start the drying process. THIS is probably my favorite volumizing spray! Smells amazing too!!!

  • Color Wow - think eyebrow filler for your roots! Makes hair look more full and can also cover gray or grow out if you need it! I actually haven’t tried this yet but David highly recommends it!!!

  • When blowdrying, use a flat brush on your roots for volume, and once moisture is about 85% gone, go in with your round brush.

If you have any other fine hair styling tricks that have worked for you… I’d love to know what they are!

xx Ali