My 3 Fall Essentials: The Only Things You Need To Make Every Fall Outfit Chic


Anyone that knows me knows I will support a great investment piece. And my 3 essentials for fall just happen to be that! I’m a firm believer that once you buy these things right, once you will never need to buy them again. So, I say, take the plunge when you’re ready.

When the leaves start to fall and the pumpkin spice lattes begin to roll out, that means it’s time to whip out (or purchase if you don’t already own) these three Fall essentials. 1. A great jacket, 2. The perfect pair of boots and 3. a fabulous, go with everything bag! But seriously, these 3 things are all you need to make every Fall look of yours outstanding. You can add these to your sweatsuit and seriously look FAB. I’m showing you here how adding these essentials to the most basic look (jeans and a white tee) makes it look not so basic and oh so chic. Now, I don’t want to rush the summer weather, but ladies, we need to start doing our research - aka spending hours online shopping for the perfect pieces and I’ve started to do exactly that for YOU! Below are a ton of my favorite Fall picks for our three essentials… the jacket, the boot and the bag.

getdressed_SMALL TWO.jpg

1. The Boots
I want to let you all in on a little secret: I am most excited for this fall because I finally splurged on my dream boots and I’m just too excited to wear them! One of my favorite parts of the changing seasons is the footwear! Leather combat boots, suede over-the-knee, heeled booties, ahh there’s so much to love! Your shoe totally sets the tone of the outfit! Spray with protectant and clean often, and your shoes can last Fall after Fall!


2. The Jacket
My cooler-weather jacket of choice is a great leather jacket! While they can definitely be an investment, when you find the perfect jacket and you take care of it, it can truly be a piece for life! If faux is your style, there are some amazing brands out there! If leather isn’t your thing, wool and shearling are classy, timeless options! And the best part about all of these options is that the material is actually warm, which this girl needs when the next polar vortex hits!


3. The Bag
Finally, you need a great bag! A practical, high-quality bag you can wear with anything! Of course darker colors lend themselves to fall (think black, navy, charcoal, burgundy). As I always say, there are no rules in fashion as long as you feel comfortable and confident! I always tell my friends it’s ok to splurge on a bag (I can be that friend for you too!) because you can literally carry it all day, everyday, forever.


Cheers to the arrival of sweater weather, cinnamon spice and pumpkin patches!

xx Ali