1 Dress, 2 Very Different Ways

1 Dress Styled 2 Very Different Ways

I am a firm believer you can wear anything in your closet multiple ways (at least that’s how I justify why I need that pair of jeans or that dress)! Nothing should fill only one style box! Sometimes it’s easy to look at a piece and categorize it - i.e. this Zara dress is floral and feminine. So I wanted to show you guys how to style this dress to make it both feminine like it may seem at first glance but also style it to be unexpectedly edgy and bold. Here’s how I styled this dress to give it two very different looks!


1 Dress Styled 2 Very Different Ways

I applied my rule of my 3 Fall Essentials and used 2 of my 3 must-haves for the season! I added some leather to this look to give it an edgy rocker-chic vibe! I created some shape and juxtaposition with a cropped leather biker jacket on top of this midi dress and opted for a combat boot as my shoe choice to really play up the edgy vibe. Who says a dress has to be dressy?! To complete the edge, I added a favorite wide-brimmed hat.


1 Dress Styled 2 Very Different Ways

When I saw this dress, I immediately thought feminine and flirty, so I wanted to style it a second way to play up the femininity! I paired the dress with a simple, silver shoe to play up the small metallic tones in the dress. I opted for a sleek bun and a bold, sparkly earring and pearl headband. I love how both of those things are very feminine, yet still bold!

It’s always fun to see how accessories can change the look of a piece of clothing! Don’t be scared to try different things and take pieces out of the box they might seem like they’re supposed to fit in!

xx Ali