Rocker Chic: My Favorite Tee Shirt

My favorite t-shirt has always been this vintage Iron Maiden shirt from their American tour in 1984. I found it in a tiny vintage store in New Orleans about 4 years ago. I've always been a total sucker for vintage band tees. I'm not exactly sure why. I think it's because of all the memories they must hold. I've always loved music and when I was about 12 I got completely hooked on going to shows. My friends still make fun of the phase I went through in middle school.... Heavy eye makeup, screamo music and TONS of live shows. It's funny to look back on but honestly, it was so fun! The feeling you get seeing a band you love live is hard to compete with. Vintage tee's must be filled with so much love, so many memories and so much great music! I guess that's why I really love them.

Here, I wore my favorite t-shirt with THESE amazing pair of Frame denim. They fit amazing and I love how they're distressed without having gigantic holes in them. They're my current favorite jeans. I paired them with the best booties HERE (they were just restocked)! To top it off, I threw on THIS insane faux fur N. Philanthropy jacket (it's 40% off right now) and THESE sunnies. It was the perfect rocker chic look. But really, the perfect accessory was the vintage Mercedes... 

xx Ali

Photos by: MOM!

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