Morocco: Weather & What I Wore

I always try my best to pack light and honestly, sometimes I do better than others. For Morocco, I didn't do too bad! I didn't pack too many pieces (1 pair of blue jeans may have been a mistake but that's ok) so I had to create a lot of different looks with what I had. My favorite and a very easy way to switch up the looks was to change my glasses! I packed 5 different pairs of frames  from Zyloware and it was the absolute best way to accessorize! I also wore them in Switzerland on the way to Morocco, HERE

I've always been a huge fan of wearing glasses as an accessory. I'm lucky to have good eyesight but I was always envious of people who wore glasses. Envious only because I wished I had glasses as another accessory! In college, my best friend worked at an eyewear store and bought me my first pair of frames. That's when this accessory addiction began. When I found Zyloware I was so excited! Super unique, well made frames with intricate details and they're so lightweight and comfortable! They've become my go-to way to change up an outfit and that really came in handy on this trip. You've probably noticed that I've been wearing them a lot more than just on this trip! As you'll see below, I didn't pack a ton and re-wore almost everything in different ways. Changing up my Zyloware frames helped me to create completely different looks super easily!

The weather in Morocco in January surely was warmer than Chicago, but I wouldn't say it was warm. One big thing that we learned really quickly is that it's always much cooler in the Medinas in Morocco than the weather says. That is because the Moroccans are brilliant and figured out how to keep the heat out of the Medinas in the summertime. The streets are narrow and walls are tall so inside the city centers there is no sun, making the Medinas much cooler than it is outside of them. The north of the country was in the 40's and 50's during the day and 30's at night. We ended up wearing our down jackets most of the time in the North which we had only anticipated to wear in Switzerland. We were lucky to have them! 

Once we continued South, it definitely warmed up. Marrakech was in the 60's and 70's in the sun, but as mentioned before, you're rarely in the sun. I would guess inside the Medina in Marrakech it was more like 50-60 degrees. In Essaouira it was in the high 60's and low 70's but it was crazy windy and really chilly at night! We did have two or three beautiful days where we didn't need a coat! I would definitely go back to Morocco in the Winter, but I would pack warmer clothes! If you're dressed properly, winter in Morocco is no problem!  It's quite nice actually because it's the low season so it's much quieter (quieter, not quiet) than Summer! My packing advice? Layers, warm shoes, a raincoat and you’re good to go! 

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Glasses:  Zyloware , Pants:  Anthropologie , T Shirt:  HM , Jacket:  GRLFRND , Shoes: Bought in Morocco

Glasses: Zyloware, Pants: Anthropologie, T Shirt: HM, Jacket: GRLFRND, Shoes: Bought in Morocco

Jacket:  Veda , Sweater:  Uniqlo , Jeans:  Levi's , Shoes:  Common Projects

Jacket: Veda, Sweater: Uniqlo, Jeans: Levi's, Shoes: Common Projects

Dress (worn as kimono):  Fame and Partners , Jeans:  Levi's , Shoes:  Common Projects , T Shirt:  J Crew , Sunglasses:  Ray Ban

Dress (worn as kimono): Fame and Partners, Jeans: Levi's, Shoes: Common Projects, T Shirt: J Crew, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Jeans:  Apiece Apart , Bodysuit:  ASOS , Scarf:  Gucci , Shoes:  Schutz , Hat:  Alice and Wonder

Jeans: Apiece Apart, Bodysuit: ASOS, Scarf: Gucci, Shoes: Schutz, Hat: Alice and Wonder

Glasses:  Zyloware , Turtleneck: N Philanthropy, Jeans:  Levi's , Hat:  Alice and Wonder , Shoes,  Common Projects

Glasses: Zyloware, Turtleneck: N Philanthropy, Jeans: Levi's, Hat: Alice and Wonder, Shoes, Common Projects

Glasses:  Zyloware , T Shirt:  HM , Jacket:  GRLFRND , Belt:  Céline , Pants:  Anthropologie

Glasses: Zyloware, T Shirt: HM, Jacket: GRLFRND, Belt: Céline, Pants: Anthropologie

Jeans:  MIH , T Shirt:  N philanthropy , Jacket:  Veda , Hat:  Alice and Wonder , Shoes:  Common Projects

Jeans: MIH, T Shirt: N philanthropy, Jacket: Veda, Hat: Alice and Wonder, Shoes: Common Projects

Jacket:  Veda , T shirt:  N Philanthropy , Jeans:  Levi's , Shoes:  Common Projects , Hat:  ASOS

Jacket: Veda, T shirt: N Philanthropy, Jeans: Levi's, Shoes: Common Projects, Hat: ASOS

Jacket:  Veda , Blouse:  Kobi Halperin , Jeans:  Levi's , Clutch:  Anthropologie , Glasses:  Zyloware , Hat:  Alice and Wonder

Jacket: Veda, Blouse: Kobi Halperin, Jeans: Levi's, Clutch: Anthropologie, Glasses: Zyloware, Hat: Alice and Wonder

Kimono:  Fame & Partners , Jeans:  Levi's

Kimono: Fame & Partners, Jeans: Levi's

Jacket:  GRLFRND , Jeans:  Levi's , Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban , Shoes:  Common Projects

Jacket: GRLFRND, Jeans: Levi's, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Shoes: Common Projects

Scarf:  Gucci , Sweatshirt:  Antrhopologie , Jacket:  Veda , Glasses:  Zyloware , Pants:  Anthropologie , Shoes:  Common Projects

Scarf: Gucci, Sweatshirt: Antrhopologie, Jacket: Veda, Glasses: Zyloware, Pants: Anthropologie, Shoes: Common Projects

A big thank you to Zyloware for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

xx Ali

Tips, Tricks and Things You Need To Know When Traveling Morocco

We had the most amazing time in Morocco. We traveled the whole country from North to South by car and learned A TON along the way. If you're hoping to or have plans to travel to Morocco, you'll definitely want to read my recaps and guides to: Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakech AND Essaouira! But now, these are all of the tips and tricks and things you'll definitely want to know, when traveling through Morocco!

Carry toilet paper!!! Most public restrooms (like those you'll find at rest stops) don't have any! 

Be respectful and kind!!! The Moroccan people are wonderful and will absolutely respect you, so give them that mutual respect. 

Have wet wipes on hand! Between the dust and honey filled crepes you'll want something to wipe your hands with!

Morocco Traveling Food Riad Fes

Eat everything! But... Be wary of fish and salad at street food places that aren't on the coast.

Always keep small change with you!!! (2 DH/ person for public restroom
10DH/ tip for bell man in smaller cities and 20 in bigger cities)

Fresh squeezed OJ and fresh pastries are cheaper than a coffee.

Traveling Morocco Orange Juice Market

Hire a driver!!! It's not horribly expensive and the thought of navigating the city streets is terrifying. 

Get cash when you can. ATMs are plentiful but often out of money. I recommend taking out the maximum allowance when you can.. Generally 4000 DH or $400.

Save your shopping for when you're alone! We learned that guides make a commission for taking you shopping, so vendors jack up the price when you're with a guide. 

You don't need to spend big money for a great meal. Most of our favorite meals were around $6/ person. 

Traveling Morocco Market Street

Put your bargaining face on!!! This one is HUGE! If you're shopping in the markets, the vendors WILL try to get top dollar. DO NOT be afraid to bargain and be prepared to walk away... 95% of the time after you walk out they will say ok! 

Ask the price and counter at 40-70% of their original ask. Don't feel bad! You'll have to come up and you'll find a middle ground. I recommend deciding what you want to pay FIRST and then negotiating down. For example, a vendor told us 200DH (about $20) for a piece and we walked away with it for 50DH (about $5). 

In the markets, always ask before you take a photo of a vendors stand, especially if the owner will be in the photo. It seems that local people do not like having their photo taken, so be cautious here. 

It's totally ok to ask for directions! Just be aware that some people may expect money for helping you. You can give them 5 or 10DH. Many people will help you for nothing. 

Don't skip breakfast! Moroccan breakfasts are unreal and most are included with your Riad! 

Be very aware and alert!! The streets in Morocco are CRAZY! There are cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, donkeys and tons of humans going in every possible direction. PAY ATTENTION or you very well may get run over.

Traveling Morocco Streets Spices Market Girl Black Leather Jacket

Layers layers layers!!! If you're traveling in the wintertime, layers are key. Although most days are gorgeous, mornings and evenings are quite chilly (more so than we expected) and breakfast is usually served outside. Also, a few of our Riads were quite chilly, so I would recommend packing a heavy pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt for nighttime. We saw so many people buying knit hats and sweaters to stay warm. Pack them ahead of time and you won't have to.

Pack wrinkle free clothes!!! We never saw an iron our entire trip!

Pack extra basics. It's dusty everywhere so things get dirty a little quicker than normal. 

If you think of any questions you have about traveling Morocco, feel free to send them my way! I'd be happy to try my best to answer them!

Buy everything! You'll regret it if you don't!

xx Ali